where TRADITION, empowerment AND boundless OPPORTUNITY COLLIDE

We foster economic development
for the Yaq̓it ʔa·knuqⱡi‘it Nation

Message from Trent Fequet, CEO

"Like many Indigenous groups across Canada who have succeeded in becoming a self-reliant Nation,

the vessel to rapidly advance this position is through economic empowerment and inclusion, alignment with industry, and to lead dialogue with all stakeholders. Ka∙kin will be the economic voice of Yaq̓it ʔa·knuqⱡi‘it, able to participate in projects in any sector and of any size and scope.

Ka·kin has built capacity internally, creating sustainable opportunities and employment for our people, and externally through the support of strategic partners. Thus, becoming a more fulsome service provider and to lead the identified initiatives within ʔakanuxunik̓ ʔamakis̓.

Through transparent, proactive, and collaborative dialogue with industry, economic reconciliation can be realized, ensuring Yaq̓it ʔa·knuqⱡi ‘it’s path of self-reliance through self-determination is achieved.

This is an extremely exciting development for all stakeholders and rightsholders in the region, as the Nation, and in turn Ka∙kin, are open for business.”

Our Services

Residential Development
Reclamation & Remediation
Utility & Development
JV & Alliance Partners
Equity Ownership & Participation
Commercial Development
Forestry & Conservation Management
Power Development
Home Manufacturing
Asset Management

Ka·kin Companies

KGL serves as the umbrella organization for our various subsidiaries and endeavors. With a focus on strategic planning and oversight, KGL ensures seamless coordination and synergy among our different entities.

KDL specializes in the development of renewables, utilities, residential, commercial, and many other unique projects and initiatives. From crafting vibrant communities to creating innovative solutions, KDL is dedicated to shaping the landscape of our region.
KIC serves as the space for our owned operational entities and key assets, playing a crucial role in maximizing their value and impact.

KRC operates as the nexus of our strategic alliances, bringing together a network of key partners to execute projects with precision and excellence.

This Travel Centre is your gateway to seamless travel through the territory. Located in Grasmere BC, Yaq̓it ʔa·knuqⱡi ‘it Travel Center is your one stop shop for fuel and convenience.

About Ka·kin

Ka·kin Group of Companies is committed to nurturing the prosperity and sustainability for the Yaq̓it ʔa·knuqⱡi ‘it community and its members. The envisioned prosperity encompasses self-determined well-being, involving positive economic, financial, social, and cultural outcomes.

Our Alliance Partnerships

Ka·kin has identified the need for partnerships in the ʔakanuxunik̓ ʔamakis̓ region to enhance our service provision and capitalize on opportunities. Our Alliance Partners have extensive regional experience and shared values, actively contribute to Ka·kin’s ecosystem, collaborating to build capacity, strengthen competency, and foster equitable relationships for mutual success.

Let's work together towards the growth, wellness & prosperity of people, communities & society