Ka·kin Resource Corp. is proud of the Alliance Partners we have formed with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations to execute work on time and on budget

Alliance Partners have been solidified who have broad experience, established working relationships in the region, and, most importantly, share our values and long-term vision for sustainability for Ka·kin and the region.

Our Alliance Partnerships

Ka·kin has identified the need for partnerships in the ʔakanuxunik̓ ʔamakis̓ region to enhance our service provision and capitalize on opportunities. Our Alliance Partners have extensive regional experience and shared values, actively contribute to Ka·kin’s ecosystem, collaborating to build capacity, strengthen competency, and foster equitable relationships for mutual success.

KRC operates as the nexus of our strategic alliances, bringing together a network of key partners to execute projects with precision and excellence. Through collaborative efforts and shared expertise, KRC harnesses the collective strengths of our alliance partners to tackle complex challenges and deliver innovative solutions. Whether it’s sustainable resource management, environmental conservation, or construction activities, KRC leverages the synergies of our partnerships to create lasting value for all stakeholders involved.

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